Regional Economic Revenue Study
Regional Economic Revenue Study
Regional Economic Revenue Study


The Process

Identify, Examine, Scrutinize, Report, Recommend

Identify – What study research; What are the timeframes?
The Study leaders will take place during the Fall of 2007, culminating with findings, results and recommendations by January, 2008.

Examine – The Ad Hoc Committee, in conjunction with academic leaders and the regionalism consultants, will examine various models of the identified regional markets.

Scrutinize – The study leaders will scrutinize the research and analysis and identify best practices. Throughout the study, possible approaches or recommendations will be forwarded to the Advisory Committee for feedback and input. 

Report – The final result of this phase of the Regional Economic Revenue Study will be a report documenting findings.

Recommend – The study will provide recommendations for next steps in implanting a viable and sustainable revenue-sharing model for Northeast Ohio. The results of this comprehensive examination and analysis will be final report provided to all stakeholders in the region, including municipalities, counties, townships, school districts, media and the general population.