Regional Economic Revenue Study
Regional Economic Revenue Study
Regional Economic Revenue Study

In regions across the United States, broad public awareness of economic and land use inefficiencies have come to light in recent years. Several regions have responded by implementing regional models with successful results.

The Study is an initiative created to examine existing regional models that have been effective in the United States. The Study will then select the best and most applicable aspects of those various regional models and recommend application in Northeast Ohio.       


Why Study Regional Economic Revenue Sharing?

Northeast Ohio, as a Region, Must Compete in a Global Marketplace

For too long, communities in our region, large and small, have competed with one another, let alone the rest of the world, for economic growth, new employers and jobs, and maximum use of resources. This results in an inefficient and competitive environment, where services are duplicated and valuable resources and funds are diminished. Other regions in the nation have proven models of success, and it is critical Northeast Ohio actively pursue some type of regional cooperation to compete on a national and international level.

The research is funded by the Fund for Our Economic Future, a multi-year collaboration of more than 80 philanthropic organizations formed to advance a common and highly-focused regional economic development agenda that can lead to long-term economic transformation for the region.



What the study is NOT:

  • This is not an attempt at consolidation or replacement of existing governments

  • This is not an effort to eliminate independent governments or municipalities

  • The study is not addressing short-term, independent reaction to isolated or specific Northeast Ohio issues


The Regional Economic Revenue Study IS:

The study is intended to identify action that can be taken among governments to address the priorities of the Advance Northeast Ohio Economic Action Plan:

  • Help foster business growth and development

  • Enhance government collaboration and efficiency

  • Stimulate regional planning

  • Improve equity in the distribution of fiscal resources 


Goal: Identify a Revenue Sharing Model for Northeast Ohio

Study Goals: Building off the primary objectives identified by Voices & Choices and the Advance Northeast Ohio Action Plan, there is a need to establish realistic and workable solutions for the region’s long-term benefit.

The primary outcome of the study is to identify a revenue sharing system and to model that system as if it were implemented in Northeast Ohio 10 years ago. The model will specify how the tax base of each jurisdiction would have been affected if the system had been operational for the past 10 years.